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If you have a one time need or an occassional request for non-volume services, you go to the  "Products"  area and fill out a  Service Request Form .

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Process Service

Currently serving process in Maricopa and Pinal counties.  We go the extra mile to get the job done.  Contact us for pricing, discount on bulk.


Surveillance services include, workers' compensation, general surveillance, domestic (cheating spouse or loved one), wellness checks and more.

Asset Searches for judgement recovery

The Judgement Recovery business is booming, we provide full Asset Searches on you debtor so you can determine if it is viable to collect.

General Investigations

General Investigations start at $65.00 per hour with a four hour minimum plus appropriate expenses.  Flat rates are available for certain types of investigations.  Call or email to discuss your case.

Background Checks

The Background Check can be used for a variety of situations from pre-employment, executive and employee promotions to checking out a potential date or spouse.  It's best to be safe and to make certain that people are who they claim.   Backgroundchkflyer.pdf (21,8 kB)

Tenant & Pre-Employment Screening

Tenant and Pre-Employment Screening.  We will professionally screen your potential tenants or employees within the parameters that you want and need.  We can handle the occassional screening or high volume.

POE & Bank Search Monitor

For the Collection and Legal Industries we will create a comprehensive and customized package for skip tracing, employment and bank search monitor.  Flat rates and bulk rates available.  We can handle the occassional search need or high volume.  We will customize a package to your...

Skip Tracing

We are a full service investigations company and can handle the occassional skip or high volume skips.  We are GLB and FCRA/FDCA compliant and have many resources for locating individuals or companies and their assets.  Pay via PayPal to


We Help The Missing

Center for Search Investigations of missing children.

online Private Investigator forum

Harris Investigations

Another fantastic link to visit and keep up with investigative news


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